Monday, November 10, 2008

Has anyone seen the remote control?

Our TV is a magnavox with wood panelling on the sides. It works perfectly for what we need, but about a year ago the remote control died. We bought a $5 replacement, which also broke. Since then we have just been getting up off our lazy duffs to change the channels and volume.

Sounds like a pain, right? Well, our bunny ear antenna can only receive about 3 channels, so it wasn't that big of a deal until recently. For some reason, the local stations have made some changes and channels. For instance, Fox used to be channel 18. Now, it is channel 69. It takes a long time to go from 8 to 69 but just holding down the channel up button on the TV. We also now receive channel 6, 8, 10, 89 and 106.

I mentioned our TV situation to a co-worker months back, who was appalled at the idea of 1) not having cable; 2) the wood paneling; and 3) the lack of a remote. So, the next day I had a brand new remote sitting on my desk. It was not just any remote - it was an over-sized, bright pink remote. Loud, flashy, and obnoxious. Hubs was horrified and said we were NOT, under any circumstances, going to use it.

This is Hubs, programming the giant, hot pink remote last night.

I think even Hubs will admit that it is so nice to just punch in the channel number. I don't think we will never ask the question, "Has anyone seen the remote control?"


Melissa Marsh said...

Holy cow! That thing is huge!

Sam and Abby McNair said...

That is a great remote!! love it! you have fun coworkers:) miss you feath

Stephandherboys said...


Shanle's said...

that's too funny.