Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Because I am just ready this year

First of all, you MUST read this: Here's the squishy (click the different colored words). Warning: do not take a drink while reading because you may spit it up, or choke, from laughing so hard.

I am ready for Christmastime. I know-it's still November, and usually I am the loudest voice reminding people that "Thanksgiving isn't even here yet." But, for some reason I am impatiently anticipating the Christmas music, movies, decorations, smells, treats, and traditions. So, those of you who are still anti-Christmas until November 28th, you should stop reading now.

Hubs and I recently talked about our favorite family tradition. Traditions are especially prevelant at Christmastime, and there are so many that I can think of that I love. However, my favorite tradition that Hubs and I are sure to continue throughout our lives is caroling.

It's not a very popular thing anymore, which is partly why I enjoy it so much. Even so, throughout the years we have continued to go caroling on Christmas Eve.

After the Christmas Eve service, we would bundle up and pile into one van (my aunt/uncle/cousins would come, too). We had our "usuals" that expected us to stop by, but we would also pick other people that we thought would enjoy our visit. Since people might be celebrating, we would sing 3 quick songs and then quickly say "Merry Christmas," and be on our way. Some sang off-key (on purpose or accidently), some sang completely different words as the family member next to us; but it was not a concert - it was for fun and for those we visited. Of course, there would be the occasional snowball thrown as we climbed back into the van, but every single memory of caroling has been a great one.

So, do we still carol? Yup.

Will we carol this year? Absolutely. Can't wait.

I think I am going to continue writing posts about favorite past tradtions and new traditions that we have. What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?


Melissa Marsh said...

I KNEW when I read that the diaper was off that something bad was about to happen! Too funny.

I'm trying not to get excited about Christmas because we still have to go through Thanksgiving, but it's getting harder and harder to do!

Laura said...

i love that we celebrate on Christmas morning. it is thankfully later now than when we were all kids. and after presents - waffles and mangzel (or white sauce). yumm. but i was just thinking today that thanksgiving should be a little further away from christmas so we can enjoy both. i figure it won't be changed so i'm trying to enjoy thanksgiving before christmas!

ps. the link is the same color until you click on it. :)