Friday, September 26, 2008

We're off!

We're off to Kansas City for the weekend for a visit with the Taylor fam.

May your weekend be relaxing.
May the weather be nice.
May the Huskers beat Virginia Tech.
May the apple cider slush be worth the anticipation (oh, that's for me).

See YA!


Anonymous said...

Heather- Hope your apple cider was as tasty as it could be! Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time with your family. See you back in Lincoln.

Love- Joan

Shanle's said...

Have fun in KC! We finally got a Husker game on TV last night... I LOVED watching "my boys" play! It's been awhile. I miss watching my hubby play on that field, but it brought back good memories. I can't believe how many guys I still know that play. I swear we've been gone forever! Anyway, better luck next week I guess. By the way... I'm loving Coach Pelini!! =) He gets livid!