Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Cider Slush

Here I am. Drinking my apple cider slush.

I hate apple juice. But, I love ice cold, thick, apple cider. It's even better when it is in a slushy consistency. About this time of year, you start to see jugs of apple cider in the produce section of your grocery store. Most of them (and the yummiest) are from the Louisburg Cider Mill.

Each year, my parents go to the mill during their CiderFest weekend and I am always so jealous to hear about it. This year, we planned a visit during that weekend so we wouldn't miss out. They have all sorts of craft booths, a corn maze, giant inflatable slides, a pumpkin patch, yummy food, entertainment and more.

That's a LOT of apples!

We went through the cider mill to see how it was made - note to self: sometimes those things are better left unknown. We bought some gifts at the store. Dad and Mom bought us a pumpkin, slushies, and donuts. It was a fun time. The weather was a little warm for the outing, but not unbearable.

Finally, a new family picture!

Yes, we did see this sign prior to climbing.

I love these little festivals. From the random crafts to the food; from the banjo band to the crowd of people. It is just something fun and out-of-the-ordinary. But, most of all, it probably just reminds me of Findley Lake.

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Laura said...

yum! i love apple cider when it has the ice slush consistancy to it. but i love it regular and apple juice too. :) so did you bring us all some?