Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help - Cooking Woe

This is the hubs plate after last night's supper. It is completely clean (besides the leftover butter). I cooked supper for the first time this week and the first well-balance meal in quite a while. It consisted of steak, seasoned potatoes, my favorite veggie blend from Hy-Vee, and some bread.

A clean plate infers a good meal (I have Dale and Lipton to thank for helping me out). I have been cooking on a regular basis for 2 short years and am a pretty mediocre cook. I have a few good recipes, but my recipe repitoire is not built up yet. We have a lot of the same ol' recipes and when I try a new one that isn't good, I get bummed. Whenever I get a clean plate or a compliment, I get re-energized to continue cooking and trying new recipes. I heard the following sentences last night:

After tasting the potatoes, "These are really good! I don't know what you did to them - and I don't want to know - but they are really good."
About the steak, "Babe, this is really good," and "You cooked this steak perfectly. Look at this - it's perfect."
And the veggies were gobbled up too (cooked in olive oil with sea salt and ground pepper - pretty sure all nutritional value was lost).

Now, I'll admit that the steak was very flavorful, however I have a problem and I don't know what to do:

I can be starving. I make dinner; it smells delicious. I put it on the plate and can't eat the meat. The hubs can gobble it up, and sometimes I will taste it - but it almost makes me gag. What is wrong with me?

I love meat. I eat it when other people cook it. I eat it at restaurants. I just can't eat it when I cook it. This has become a growing trend, and it happened again last night. I ate half the steak but couldn't force the rest down (fortunately, I have a brother who gladly accepts leftovers).

Suggestions? Advice? I'd love to hear them.


millhouse said...

I don't know what to tell you. I'm not crazy about raw meat (especially chicken,) but once its cooked, its a totally different animal (heh).

Jeanette said...

is it just red meat? or the process you go through with the meat before you eat it? is it cooked differently when you eat it else where? maybe you are becoming a vegetarian and just don't know it yet :)

Richard and Heather said...

It happens with all meat. I don't feel like I cook it any differently and I hear it tastes fine.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures make me smile! Perhaps with all you do you are just not eating as much. Try just putting a smaller portion on your plate! : ) Love - Joan

Jeanette said...

maybe it means your not suppose to cook :) tell richard you need a chef.

Richard and Heather said...

Joan - that is a good thought. Lately I have been eating the potatoes and veggies first because I don't want to eat my meat, but if I eat it first, maybe that will help!

Richard and Heather said...

well now, I like THAT idea best of all J'net!