Thursday, September 4, 2008

One of those weeks

This is one of those weeks where I am holding on tight because it is flying by. I have been at work in the 7:00 hour every single day and have not left until after 5pm. While I am at work I pretty much run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I take a short break for lunch (and to blog), then run around some more. Let me just give you my morning.

This morning I get up, with plenty of time to spare (5:50am), until I realize today is the day they are cleaning our carpets (6:10am). So I frantically run around moving everything into the kitchen and bathrooms so the cleaners can get most of our extremely dirty carpet, clean. Finally, I can start with the normal routine of making Richard's lunch and getting ready for work (6:30am). Then I remember that tonight is our company picnic party so I pack a bag with stuff so I can "freshen-up" before heading over there (it would be ridiculous for me to drive home, and then across town to be at the party by 6pm when I probably won't be done with work until after 5pm, again). Oh, then I remember that I have about 300 lbs of boxes to pack up for UPS at work, so I add some sweat-able clothes to the bag, since I want to wear the cute new skirt (that I was already dressed in) to the party tonight (6:55). I continue getting ready for work (7:00am) and then realize that the hubs alarm hasn't gone off (7:03am). He needs 15 more minutes of sleep, so I finish getting ready. The alarm goes off (7:15am) and I start making the bed. The hubs helps and we clear the last items off the floor for the carpet cleaners. Only 10 minutes late, I walk out the door and head to work (7:25am).

Did I mention, the hubs is sick? Poor guy can barely breath at night. What a week.

On the plus side, one of my co-workers just brought me a grande, non-fat, iced caramel macchiatto. I'm sipping it right now.


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

WOW. That's awesome. I think you're busier than me!

Wish that co-worker was in St. Joe right now to hook me up too. mmm iced coffee...

Laura said...

you're superwoman this week! i hope next week is a little less hectic for you. does richard have allergies? justin's are bad - he snores like a freight train these nights. :)

Leah Pobanz said...

wow Heather, what a day! So we need to get together...its been so long! I have been busy myself. I just got back from Utah on Monday and still recouperating (sp?)
Hey, love your are so good at it. did you make your cute heading? I want one!

Lindsay said...

Seriously - everything can be fixed with a caramel macchiatto. Nummmo!!