Friday, September 12, 2008

Organizing again

This is the newest addition to our apartment. It is an attempt to organize our lives better. Constantly, we are reminding each other of "something" that is going on. This has caused frustration, annoyance, double-planning, and confusion. To eliminate lessen this, I purchased a white board that has each day of the week pre-printed. Now, we can write out our schedule on this white board - which is located in a very prominent, well-traveled area (the fridge). Whenever we pass by, we can be reminded of the week's events.

I have wanted to buy this for a while now. But, we decided to try out the idea on a piece of paper for a couple or weeks (so we didn't waste money). After 2 weeks, the piece of paper was irritating my anal-self (if plans change, I can't just scribble out the event, I need to re-write the entire week so it looks pretty again), so I made a trip to BB&B. This board was originally $9.99, on sale for $7.49. I pulled out my stash of 20% off coupons and bought it for $5.99!

On the packaging, very prominently displayed, were the words "Magnetic." Being in a hurry, I grabbed and bought. Only to realize, when I got home, that it isn't stick to the fridge magnetic. It's stick a magnet to the board magnetic. Oh well. It isn't anything magnetic tape couldn't fix.

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Laura said...

good luck in your quest for organization! i tried it and found i needed 2 months of white board instead of a week. :)