Tuesday, September 9, 2008

100 things for the 100th post

Here goes. Better grab some coffee to keep you awake.

1. Love to burn candles while I’m at home.

2. When I was a child in Tennessee, there was a dogwood tree in our yard. I would put all my books in a basket, tie a rope around the handle, climb the tree, and pull my books up to read. Nerd alert at 4 years old.

3. I get bored with the same-ol' thing. I like to rearrange my desk a lot, and someday, my house.

4. S'mores and bonfires

5. Hate hate hate belly buttons - mine and everyone else’s. And I cringe when people touch theirs.

6. 5 foot 0 inches

7. Love Richard

8. Not a big frosting fan, or cake for that matter. There are only two cakes I really enjoy eating: Angel Food and my mom's Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese glaze.

9. Like to rake leaves

10. I met and remember most of my great-grandparents

11. I feel the urge to jump up and cheer when "Sweet Home Alabama" comes on

12. My dream house has a huge front porch, with a porch swing, inviting all friends, family, neighbors, and strangers to come over

13. Adventurous and like to experience new places and things with Richard

14. Favorite color is blue. But too much blue is not a good thing

15. Love the eastern United States. It's full of history and beauty.

16. Despise lying...no matter how big or small. The truth will never hurt as much as being found in a lie.

17. Really crooked pinky fingers. My dad and my grandma have them too.

18. Saved by the grace of God through faith alone

19. Love school

20. Would rather be comfortable than cute. Love it when cute clothes are comfortable.

21. I used to have a good ol' southern accent. With my high-pitched little girl voice, I heard it was pretty cute. Still have home videos if you don't believe me!

22. Believe loving others is a choice we make.

23. Book lover

24. Blue eyes

25. Am the oldest of 3 children

26. Hope to visit all 50 states and as many countries as possible in my lifetime.

27. Have been to 28 states and 4 countries so far.

28. Like our apartment complex
29. Believe that God is sovereign

30. Am not a natural athlete.

31. Mmm, popcorn

32. Christmas doesn't feel right unless the ground is covered in snow.

33. Ice cream. Need I say more?

34. I love to watch musicals. I love how everyone just randomly starts singing in the middle of a scene!

35. Been planning Richard's graduation party for 2 years now.

36. Love all animated Disney movies

37. Want at least 3-4 kids...I think

38. Cannot sleep in

39. Have a problem eating cooked meat, after I have handled the same meat while raw.

40. Would rather read a book than watch TV, most days

41. 1st job was at a greenhouse

42. 2nd job was at a medical clinic

43. 3rd job was as a waitress - for 5 years

44. 4th, 5th, & 6th jobs were at banks

45. Hate lying - the truth never hurts as much as being found in a lie.

46. Enjoy history

47. Have already named my future Labrador retrievers.

48. One cable channel I wish I had - Fox News

49. Love hot drinks - coffee, tea, cocoa, chai

50. Am a list maker

51. Love to travel

52. Love spontaneity, but also love to plan

53. Pet peeve: repeating myself because someone wasn't listening

54. Pet peeve #2: someone repeating themself to me thinking I might not understand

55. Running

56. Have no creative ability whatsoever

57. Lived on a dairy farm as a child

58. Can sit at a coffee shop for hours

59. Like to play games

60. Have a tendency to be bossy. I think it comes with being the oldest sibling.

61. Love to study science because it reminds me of the awesome greatness of God

62. Work full-time

63. Could very easily become addicted to blogging.

64. Not moody very often. Believe that we can control our moods, even though it is harder sometimes than others.

65. Iced tea - both sweet and un-sweet

66. Would rather be outside than inside

67. Have a passion to know God more

68. Get bored when sitting for long periods of time. I have to always be moving something.

69. Long sleeve t-shirts

70. Can shop best when I am with Ruth. She knows how to deal with me.

71. Camping

72. Met the hubs at church

73. Competitive

74. Lived with 2 horrible roommates in college and then 2 awesome roommates.

75. Love to watch the US Open (tennis, not golf)

76. Like freezing cold apple cider – not a big fan of the warm stuff

77. Reasons I like Autumn the best include: football on Saturdays and Sundays; the beginning of a new school year; jeans and sweatshirts; pumpkins and leaves; and chili and caramel apples.

78. Like to be 5 minutes early to everything (except work)

79. Had a chance to go up in a hot-air balloon once and turned it down because I was scared. I wish I would have done it.

80. You had to know this one was coming: love BIG trees

81. I have braces

82. I wish that I would have practiced piano more.

83. My grandparent’s old house is a Bed and Breakfast. I have great memories of that house.

84. October 31st, 1983

85. Don’t like to be around amphibians or worms. They give me the heebie-jeebies.

86. I am impatient

87. I don’t really like fruit juice. And, the smell of apple juice makes me gag.

88. I love antiques and old "looking" furniture; which is different than old junk that needs to be thrown away.

89. Hope to have a vegetable garden someday

90. I love those friends that you can call anytime with the most random of information and they will listen and be excited with you.

91. Rainbows

92. Love most types of music

93. It is my natural tendency to “talk-back” or argue with whatever anyone says. I really have to work at keeping my mouth shut.

94. Go Big Red!

95. I have 14 cousins – all younger than I

96. Have a great hubs!

97. Have not graduated from college, yet.

98. Fresh fruit

99. Laughing until I cry: have only had this happen a few times, but I love it when it does!

100. I like surprises (usually).

That was exhausting and nobody needs to know that much information about me! It's done. I've reached 100 posts and I am going to keep going! Thanks for reading.


Laura said...

well you did repeat yourself and that was 101 things. i always have to re-read my posts and realize i can't spell or write correctly. now if we all took 3 days to post something like someone i know and love, there would be not mistakes! :)
i had a southern accent when i lived in Jackson. my roommate was from san antonio and i couldn't believe how much it rubbed off. i wish i still had it but i can't bring myself to fake it! :)

Anonymous said...

Heather: I would love to go to the Bed & Breakfast house that was your grandparents. It looks beautiful.

You could add to your list:

A loved daughter-in-law.

Great singer.

Love - Joan

Lindsay said...

Oh - I felt the same way about doing my 100th post....it's exhausting trying to write that much stuff about myself!!Good job!

Oh - and I love that you got that soldier video on your site too - it really is awesome.