Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Story of Hair

Have you ever looked back through pictures and realized you could determine everything about your life then just by the color/style of your hair?
I started out with very blond hair. As I have gotten older, my hair has darkened and faded. Technically, the term is dirty blond. I affectionately describe it as a mixture of diarhea and vomit.

So, I started coloring my hair when I started college. I loved the texture of my hair after it was done; I loved the feel of getting it colored; I loved the smell of it for the next few days. Every 8 weeks, I would go in, look through a book of hair colors, and pick what I wanted. Usually, I picked at least 2 different colors - it was so fun to see how it would turn out.

After I got married (and Marth moved away), the hubs we decided the money spent on hair coloring could be used for better things. I completely agreed and was anxious to see the natural color of my hair (hoping it had changed to a normal, pretty color). Not so much. A few weeks ago I thought, I should color my hair again. I must seem so boring to Emily (who cuts my hair). The hubs reminded me of the practical reasons to not color my hair, and I once again agreed, but it still in the back of my mind to go back to even some highlights in the future.

So, as I looked through some pictures last night, I laughed at how many different colors my hair has been over the years. I'm not going to take you through the 7 (yikes!) years since I started college, but here is a little sample of the different hair colors in just one year!

March 2006: Starting to color my hair for the wedding. Can't even tell, huh? I quit going to that lady.

May 2006: If you make this one bigger, you'll see it's pretty blonde here. This is right after Martha started doing my hair. Seeing this picture makes me want that hair back.

July 2006: Wedding hair. I liked the blonde, but after a while, it started to dry out and break.

Another so you can see the side view. BTW, doesn't Richard look young?

December 2006: Whoa! Good-bye dry, blonde hair. Hello dark brown.

I think I would have liked this look better if I weren't so white (Richard agreed).

July 2008: Two years later and completely natural. It doesn't look as musty in this picture and I am attributing that to the awesome Hawai'i sun, which gave me some natural highlights.

I get my hair cut, not colored, on Friday. What do you think for the future: super blonde, super brown, somewhere in between, or stick with the natural?


Jeanette said...

i think you should be out in the sun enough during the summer, that it naturally lightens to a golden blonde. ....and in the winter put some highlights or lowlights in it for fun....maybe you could save up during the summer, so it wouldn't cost as much all at once. (sorry richard) however, i would definitely not color it if richard says no

Sam and Abby McNair said...

natural baby - that's how I roll - i love your hair the way it is!!!!!


Laura said...

i think your natural hair is lovely! this is what i do - color once around christmas so i look nice for the holidays and that gets me through the winter. i try for color that will blend well as my hair grows. then let the summer sun do the bleaching. and justin is very happy that it's only once a year!

Anonymous said...

Heather - BLONDE!!!
Love- Joan

Richard and Heather said...

J'net & Laura - I like your ideas. I can get my "coloring" fix once a year.

Abby - my natural color is growing on me. i am starting to like it.

Joan - i had no doubts you would love the blonde! i like it too, but maybe not as blonde as before. I just couldn't keep it healthy.

thanks for the opinions girls! richard is still all for the natural

Lindsay said...

Okay - so we totally need pics of the new do! I'm in the same boat - I'm not doing anything color-wise to my hair for money reasons too. I've gotten used to not highlighting it, although I'll be happy once I can do it TEN years :-)

Audrey said...

I like the blonde blonde on you. My favorite pic is the second engagement pic. plus you look really pretty in it! So blonde or at least some light highlights in my opinion.