Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To give or not to give (updated)

Hubs and I recently got new Kansas Driver's Licenses. I actually liked my Nebraska picture, so it was kind of a bummer. Anyways, they of course asked the question, "Do you want to be an organ donor?"

To me, the response is automatic, "Yes."

To some, however, it seems to be a bigger, more thought-provoking decision. Hubs and I have discussed our reasons, but I am appealing to you as to why you have or have not decided to donate your organs after your death. 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Was this a hard decision to make? Why did you decide to donate, or why did you decide not to donate? 

I have mine all written out, but I don't want to suppress any discussion that may occur, so I will update this post later.


My Thoughts:

Two people were brave enough to put their reasons out there. Thank you! I REALLY don't think there is a right or wrong answer here. Each person has their convictions and their feelings on this subject and that is what works for them. I just think it is an interesting subject.

I have always been of the mindset that I am obviously not using my organs when I am dead, so why not give them to someone who needs them. I never really gave any thought to the process of "harvesting" my organs because it happens when I am dead. Side note: Laura gave me something to think about regarding the heart issue - I wasn't completely aware of how soon heart is needed after death. However, if the only way I am alive is by machines, I want Hubs to take me off the machines. If I cannot live without them, I (being very practical) see no reason to waste money keeping me alive. Instead, I am okay with them doing what they need to in order to take my heart. But, maybe I trust their opinions more than I ought.

So, the main permeating reason I have for being an organ donor is that I believe I am not, nor will I ever, use those organs again. That body is simply going to rot in it's coffin or burn to ashes (I don't really care). So, if my cornea, my kidney, my liver, or whatever else can be used to save someone, please take it! 

I guess I am kinda odd. I have never had any problems talking about me when I am dead or dying. Perhaps I just talk big and it would all change if it were Hubs lying there, but I have truly always felt this way about my death.

If I die young and healthy, I want my organs to be donated. If I die old, nobody will want them anyways. I do have one request, though. I don't know if this can happen, but I hope that Hubs or a family member can meet or write the people who get my organs. I hope that he can tell them that I had no fear in dying and I hope he can tell them how they can have the same assurance through salvation in Jesus Christ. If my dead body parts could be used to share the gospel, for even one person to believe in Christ as their Savior, I can see no reason not to give up my organs.


Laura said...

ok, i know this sounds shallow - but it creeps me out! and like you've always just said yes, i've always automatically said no.
and i have issues with some types of organ donations. like heart transplants - the doctor decides when you're not coming back. the heart has to be alive when transplanted. so you're not really dead when they take it. i believe that's wrong!
i'm looking forward to hearing why you do donate. :)

The Feather Files said...

Laura, you are not shallow. Each person has their own reasons and preferences.

I didn't know about that heart thing. I read online about it, and it is true that they will take hearts from people who are brain-dead and only living by machine. But they can use a heart from someone who just died. It has to be transplanted within 4 hours to get pumping again.

I am guessing that the family has to decide to pull the plug on you if you are brain-dead. That is why they have what are called living wills. In case you are in that state, it tells your family if you want the plug pulled or not so that they do not have to make that decision for you.

Thanks for being brave and commenting!

Gail G said...

I'm all about donating. I don't need my organs to rot in the ground when they can help someone who needs them. When you die, you no longer need your body and that includes it's parts.

Laura said...

i wish i could be more confident about the information i hear.
i think transplants from someone actually declared all dead are fine. but i'm on the fence about how dead brain dead is and that's a line i don't think doctor's have the authority to decide. as far as i know, a heart transplant is the one that would be affected most by this.
i think i need more education on this subject to be able to say much more! :)

Audrey said...

I am a donor and pretty much hold your views!! if my organs can save a life, what an honor!! The Lord giveth and taketh away, why not taketh and giveth to someone else on the way out? :)

nebraskawhit said...

All I can think about are all the sick people out there who have been on the waiting list for an organ for months, maybe even years. If medicine can use my organs, then so be it! Like you said, if you are dead you won't need them anyway!