Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polly the Piggy

Recently we went on a very short vacation to Estes Park with Hubs's family. Hubs and I started at midnight and drove through the night arriving just as the day was starting for everyone else. We were able to drive through a huge storm. The lightening gave a constant strobe-light feel and I was sure that during one of the bright moments, we would see a tornado charging toward us. As we arrived in Estes, we had to chuckle at the temperature. It was 54 degrees...almost half of the temperature in Kansas the day before (106). Needless to say, the weather was perfect.

While we were there, Richard's mom purchased a toy for each of her granddogs. Ransom loves to rip and shred all his toys and that is why we picked out Polly the Piggy for him.

See, Polly the Piggy is a "Tuffy Pet Toy." These toys are rated based on how durable they are and Polly rated #7, #10 being the most indestructible. We foolishly figured this one would at least take a while for him to demolish and it would surely give him a challenge.

Ransom was more rambunctious than ever after we picked him up from the kennel (which we realized more so the next day when he ate our DVD remote). Maybe his hyper personality was a clue, warning us to wait and introduce Polly another day. But we brought Polly out immediately when we arrived. I can't describe what happened next, but I can definitely show you.

Mere seconds later, Ransom broke through Polly's indestructible nose and began pulling the stuffing out. Then, he used his scissor-like teeth and cut through her ear.

Working on the ear.

Polly can hear no more from this ear.

Polly the Piggy, after meeting Ransom.

I think he loves his Piggy in a destructive sorta way.

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Anonymous said...

FUNNY!!! Oh my gosh I want to see him. Joan
Will try to get the Grandmother downstairs to see this later today. She dreamed about Ransom last night! : )