Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A new breakfast

I found something new. It was at Wally World. It's good for you. I think it is yummy too.

Bear Naked Granola - I like the vanilla almond crunch flavor. It tastes like whole grain oats and seeds, but it has a nice sweet flavor that compliments fresh fruit and/or yogurt perfectly. I also like to eat it plain!

Of course it is good for you because of the whole grain oats and the flax seed, but I really like it because it has no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and no hydrogenated oils. Those things are completely foreign to our digestive system and so I really like to find stuff that is the real-deal. Plus, I think adding something crunchy to yogurt or fruit makes breakfast more fun! 

Really, though. This stuff is yummy - I don't think it is too unreasonably priced, either. At my Wally World it costs $3.48 for 12oz, which lasts me a week or so.

What? Do I ever eat hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup? Do I let these foreign foods into my body? Ha! Let's just say we aren't going to discuss the mini chocolate donuts I also bought on my trip to the grocery store!

My motto: everything in moderation!


Audrey said...

oh man I LOVE those unhealthy little chocolate donuts...

Kelly said...

So after reading your blog I checked the back of my "healthy" cereal box and found a tremendous amount of sugar and the words high fructose corn syrup. I just might try that granola next time I'm at the store...I also enjoy homemade granola, but I'm not sure how healthy that is yet:) Thanks for the suggestion!

jnet said...

i'lll have to check it out and see if they have that here!
thanks for the tip!