Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something different

I spend the majority of my days at home anymore. So when Hubs gets home, I am more than ready to do something or go somewhere. It doesn't have to be something big and fancy, just a change of scenery - something different than normal. Last night, we did just that.

When Hubs got home, I had a picnic basket packed with homemade store-bought fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and some plums. We went to a nearby park to eat our dinner and throw the Frisbee. It was also a good way to socialize Ransom and teach him some manners. Like, how you do not chew through your leash while you are tied to the picnic table because you'll just get tied right back with a shorter leash. And, how you do not need to kill yourself (or us) in the process of trying to meet other dogs. 

Well, we have a long ways to go on the manners thing, but the picnic was a success and gave Hubs and I a nice outing. It is easy to spend dinner talking about our day's events and then go off and do our own thing for the rest of the evening. The harder part is being purposeful in making time to spend with each other.

What kind of things do you do to make sure you have quality time with your Hubs?


Anonymous said...

We go do outdoors activities on the weekends. Most weekends its to a new place, like sand dunes, lava or state/national parks. Other times we do things like drive-in-movies, funny websites, games, homemade smoothies, or cuddle night. We once had an indoor picnic in the middle of the living room floor in January.
Mrs Young

Audrey said...

I probably shouldn't say what I was going to say on the world wide web :)

Kelly said...

We love going to the lake. Dave likes to fish and Davey and I just enjoy strolling or playing in the grass. A stop at Sonic makes the outing complete:)

Shanle's said...

We spend a lot of time outdoors as well. Since Brode was born, we walk almost every night. This is enjoyable for Brode yet gives us a chance to talk as husband and wife. We've chosen to do things with Brode so we don't just sit around home all day. We'll take vacations or all day outings to the lake, park, or outlets. When Brode goes down for naps or "ni-ni" we spend a lot of QT together... movies, playing games, sitting outside talking, etc. The important thing is to MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER!! Especially after kids come along... You still need each other. I mean, after all, one of these days our kids will be grown and gone and it'll be just the two of us again! =)