Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The changing pants

I have a pair of blue capri pants that I really liked due to their comfiness. At the beginning of the spring, I noticed they had a giant bleach spot on them. This was probably due to my lazy butt. I left the pants in the laundry room all winter because I didn't want to get out the step-stool, climb up in my closet, pull down the "summer clothes tote," and pack them away when I realized I forgot. So, in the midst of doing laundry, I accidently splattered some bleach in a very obvious spot.

The bleach spot is a nice gray shade. Here, take a closer look.

I couldn't bear to throw them away when I was packing. I thought, what if I bleach the whole pair of pants? Will they all be the gray color?

I didn't have anything to lose. Obviously, I am not going to wear the pants with the spot so I might as well experiment. And, today I finally conducted the experiment.

There were no methods, no steps, no hypotheses - I just filled the sink with water, added bleach, and tossed the pants in (actually I place them in gently so that I would not get more splatter spots on my clothes). In a few minutes, the water was black.

Wow, that's a really bad picture of my pants soaking in bleach water.

So, I emptied out the black water and started over again. Then, I totally forgot about my pants until an hour later! I laid them outside to dry and this is what they look like:

It isn't a completely even color, but I think they will work for hiking, wearing around the house, and walking Ransom (if it ever gets cool enough). Here's a side-by-side before and after:

Definitely more wearable sans obvious-spot-in-awkward-place.

Since I don't really have much success on home-projects, I am pretty happy that this actually worked.


Audrey said...

good work!!

Jake said...

The new color is a lot better then the old. Just my thoughts :)