Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have this thing. I like to find the most obscure way for me to post about an event without just giving a ordinary recap. Two reasons: 1 - I can make one event into multiple blog posts, and 2 - I am forced to use my creative mind. I like this challenge.

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Hubs and I love to hike. Our trip to Estes Park was extremely short, so we took our one free morning, woke up super early, picked out a long hike, and did it. Since my body's thermostat can fluctuate at the slightest wind or ray of sun, I knew I needed to dress in layers.

This is towards the beginning of the hike. It was pretty shady and very cool. I was wearing my first layer, a super-soft North Face fleece (which, by the way, I purchased the week before for a mere $19, aka 75% off). It was very warm and was perfect for this portion of the hike.

By the first stop, Alberta Falls (.9 miles), I had shed the fleece and was now comfortable in my long sleeve tee. My hands were cold, but at least my body was the right temperature.

I stayed in the long sleeve tee for the majority of the hike. Since it was early morning, the trail was mostly shady.

As we got closer to our final destination, we had gone higher in elevation. The moment we hit the sun, I shed the long sleeve tee for the short sleeve tee. It was cool, but much better than sweating. PS - my bleached pants worked GREAT for hiking!

Our final destination was Black Lake at 10,656 feet. The area we were at was shady, windy, and freezing! If you look closely, you can see my goose-bumps!

So, we put the fleeces back on as we worked to get a picture where we didn't look so dark. This is the best we could do. I think it looks like we are standing against a backdrop, but that is truly the real thing.

As we headed back, we were almost always in the sun. The layers came off and we were very comfortable for the rest of the hike.

Good think Hubs was carrying the back pack.


Richard said...

shouldn't it say good thing instead of good think

Kelly said...

When I first saw the photos I thought they were from different hikes:) Good thing you explained! Nice price on the fleece...can't pass that up!

jnet said...

i wish we were there!!! it looks like a great time heather.