Monday, July 13, 2009

Scaredy Dog

The first time this happened, I was shocked. He had never tried to get on any of the furniture before, yet I found him in the guest bedroom:

The guest bedroom door is permanently closed now. Unless you come to visit; then I'll open it.

The next time it was OUR bed and I noticed a similarity.

Yes, that is drool on my pillow sham. Three weeks ago, I would have freaked out. Today, drool is just another part of life. You should see him while we get his food...drool everywhere.

Now, I expect him to retreat to our bed each time I vacuum.

He burrows under all the pillows and tries to hide from it. The vacuum doesn't even have to be on, just out. And then, after it is over and the vacuum is put away, I use all my strength to drag our 60-pound dog off of our bed, hoping his nails do not snag my comforter. But he doesn't come out of the bedroom. No. He hides beside the bed for a long time - until he feels it is safe to come out. I even tried coaxing him out with treats...he came and ate the treat and ran right back to the bedroom.

He has no problem choking himself to try and run after the neighborhood skunk family, though.


Audrey said...

thanks for reminding why I don't have a dog lol :)

Audrey said...

ps and I like the new look!

Melissa Marsh said...

Awww, poor guy! My dog didn't care one way or the other when I vacuumed - he'd usually stay put until I had to nudge him with it, then he'd move!