Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Can you be homesick for a place that has never been your home? As a rule of thumb, I am not one to get homesick - it never happened at summer camp or when I visited grandparents as a kid. Even when I moved away to college, I wasn't really homesick. Now that Richard moves with me wherever we go, I know I will never actually be away from "home," but there is one place that I long to be.

I thought one trip would satisfy the odd desire I had to experience island life. Then, I thought the second trip would hit the spot. But there are just some days when I just miss Hawai'i. I've only been there a total of 20 days, but it has me in its grasp. I just want to go back.

Maybe it's the mountains, where at times it feels like Colorado and other times it feels like the Jungle.

Maybe it is the crystal clear water. Yes, that could very well be the reason - I never tire of seeing that beautiful ocean.

Or, perhaps it is the tropical flowers. How I wish I could grow a plumeria tree. Maybe then I would feel closer to the island.

It could also be the smells and sounds. The birds that chirp all day long, the sound of the breeze through the palm trees, and the smell of the salty ocean.

It could be the perpetual suntan, the beautiful home and neighborhood we stayed in, or the shaved ice; but I can't pinpoint what it is exactly. I am well aware that I may never return, but I am happy to know I can sift through my memories whenever I need my Hawai'i "fix."


Shanle's said...

I can relate, Heather. I, too, miss Hawaii and Mexico... there has always been something about the tropics that makes me feel at home. I literally just relax as soon as I see the ocean, smell the breeze, and feel the sand between my toes. I can get sad thinking about it sometimes because I want to be there so badly!! =)

I just have to look forward to the future and think that we'll go somewhere else exciting some day. Shoot, maybe God will even move us somewhere some day. DREAM BIG. Dream Often!! Hang TEN!

Kelly said...

I've never even been to Hawaii and I get that "want to go there so bad it hurts" feeling. Usually when I'm on recess duty during a particularly blustery winter day. My hope is for a residency match there. You just never know where we'll end up:)

Audrey said...

darn I love that beach picture!!!