Monday, July 20, 2009

I just wanna see a bear!

Usually elk are everywhere in Estes Park. This year, however, there were none during the entire trip. Something about so much rain in June so there is still plenty of food up higher - whatever. We ended up driving higher into the mountains and, sure enough, they were up there eating away. Although they look the same as every other year, they are still fun to see.

Each year, however, all I really want to see is a bear. When I was really young, like 4, I saw a black bear in the Smoky Mountains. He ran off really fast and my parents, to this day, don't believe me. I guess I feel some need to vindicate myself and prove that I do know what a bear looks like. One year we saw a mama and 2 bear cubs run across the road. It happened so fast that it doesn't count.

So this year I again hoped to see a bear. My hopes were lowered when I heard that the wildlife was sparse this year. Figures.


Hubs and I went on a long, early morning hike. We started off on the trailhead at 6am for a 10-mile round trip adventure. In this picture we are right at the trailhead. You can see the trail right between our heads.

We took about 3 steps when I put my arm on Richard and said, There's a bear!

Sure enough, 20 feet ahead of us (I verified the distance with Hubs since he is a better judge of those sorts of things and I don't want to exaggerate) was what I would call a teenage bear standing on our trail, looking right at us! Hubs immediately goes for the camera, and the bear starts sauntering away. Hubs was able to grab a picture, although the bear was pretty far away by this point.

What more excitement can you have than seeing a bear on your trail? Well, the hike was still beautiful and well worth the early morning alarm. At the top, we also ran across a very friendly marmot.

He loved to have his picture taken and got very close to us. 

The hike was a success. Not only did we get some great views, but we got to see some fun wildlife. And, more importantly, a picture of the bear!


Laura said...

aahh! a bear!! every time we go to CO, i hope and pray that neither i nor anyone i'm with will see a bear! they scare me. the grizzly bear man movie gives me nightmares. no bears for me! :)
love the new blog look! :)

jnet said...

wow! that's awesome....i have always wanted to see a mountain lion - way in the distance so i would be safe, but i think that would be awesome....maybe not if it reallly happened.
that looks like a brown bear???? we have only seen black bears in estes. was the hike to mills lake?
that's neat that you even caught it on camera!!!!
how was the rest of the trip?

Audrey said...

aaahhh that would SCARE me!! the bear would smell my fear!! at least now you know that everyone now knows you know what a bear looks like

Steph said...

So jealous!! We were driving through Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park this weekend and I was so hoping to see a bear - guess there is a higher chance when you're walking!!

heel_08 said...
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Jake said...

I like Richard's hair