Friday, June 19, 2009

Our move - Part 2

Three weeks ago today, we moved to Kansas and yesterday we took the final step to make it official.

Somehow having new license plates on your car gives more finality to the move. My little neon felt very comfortable in her new plate, since she was born in with Kansas plates.

The Dakota will take a little longer to get used to the change. However, I think his new license plate looks very nice. I didn't realize that you get a new title when you change your license plates. I knew I got a Nebraska title when I moved there, but I thought it was just because I added Hubs. 

Anyways, back to the moving story...

I woke with plenty of time to get ready for our caravan drive to our new home. It takes Hubs and I exactly four hours (with no stops), but I knew that it would take longer today. My family was at our new home waiting for us to arrive. They had graciously planned to be there and clean the house so that we could move right in as well as have lunch ready for us (very important). Little did I know what a blessing this would be. At 7:50am, my bag was waiting outside to be re-packed in the truck and for us to be on our way. 

I was the leader of the caravan in my neon, packed to the brim with stuff. Hubs's mom followed in Hubs's truck, also packed fully. Behind her was Hubs in the U-haul, who was followed by Hubs's dad in his truck, which was also packed full. Pulling up the rear was Hubs's sister and brother-in-law. 

We left shortly after 8am and headed on our way. Our first task was to maneuver through 45 miles of I-80 traffic with all of us staying together, going 75 mph. Now that I think back, it really wasn't imperative for us to all stay together since we were meeting up at a gas station, but we ended up together much to all other travellers' chagrin. 

We weren't 15 minutes into the trip when I notice a turn signal behind me telling me to get off on the next exit. Apparently, our grill lid was about to fly away. This was stop #1.

Stop #2 was less than 30 more minutes later. Potty & coffee break.

Stop #3 was less than 30 more minutes later. Needed gas.

I was bound and determine that Stop #4 would be our final destination and it was. As we neared our new little home, I started shaking a little. I was excited and I couldn't ask Hubs if he was as well. We turned the corner and I saw it - a house with a garage! 

To be continued...

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OH . . . . . the garage! : )