Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crazy, mixed-up day.

Remember graduation day and how tiring it was? The day after was also eventful.

I woke up with just enough time to put clothes on and drive to meet mom, dad, and my brother for breakfast at 9am. I was still tired exhausted. Hubs's truck was in the shop, so he went to pick it up only to find out it wasn't actually fixed yet. After a quick phone call, I got my brother to come pick me up for breakfast and gave Hubs my keys. 

After breakfast, mom and I went to run some errands while Jake and dad also ran some errands. While mom and I were out, we thought, Did Dad pay for breakfast? Another quick phone call confirmed that he did not and it was back to the restaurant to pay for our meal.

Dad and Mom took off for Kansas a little while later and Jake took me home. As I am getting out of his car, I pick up a cell phone. Is this yours? I ask. Nope, it is Dad's cell phone and they had left 30 minutes ago. We call mom; her phone is turned off. So, I had remembered that they wanted to stop by Menard's before they left town and we drove there to see if they were still there.

As we walk up to our parents, they are not at all surprised to see us. They just start talking to us like normal. Are you guys forgetting anything? I ask. No, I don't think so. Are we? Have you gotten any phone calls since you left? The light clicks on.

By now it is about 1pm and I am barely awake. We get back to the apartment. It was then that I realized I gave Hubs my keys so that he could use the car, but I didn't think to take off the key to the apartment. To make matters worse, my phone is about to die so I send off a quick text to Hubs: I am locked out. I have to pee. I am tired. Phone is dying. My phone shuts off. Not that there is really anything he can do. He usually has his phone off while golfing and I am not expecting him until between 2 and 2:30. 

I just happened to have some books I borrowed from a friend before Jake dropped me off, so I start reading under a tree. At 3:30pm, Hubs pulls up. By now, I am sick-to-my-stomach with exhaustion. I go upstairs and give Hubs strict orders to wake me up by 4pm because we have a wedding to attend at 6pm. When he woke me up at 4pm, I felt no better, but I struggled through getting ready. Hubs suggested that he just go alone. I said, Will you give me details about everything? 

Yeah, you better come with me, he responded. 

We got home at 11:30pm and I fell into bed, knowing tomorrow would go just as fast as we packed to leave for Hawai'i.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the memories . . . .
Love- Joan