Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new computer

is ordered!

And I am so excited.

We ordered a new iMAC and I am so excited for multiple reasons.

A. It is pretty dang cool. The guy at the apple store showed me some of the cool stuff it does and to top it off he told me I could order the extended keyboard for no additional price, which sold it for me. As a former and devote PC user, I was a littler nervous at first. Not only do I love my PC, but I am an anti-mouse user. I navigate mostly with key commands and was very worried about whether my efficiency would decline by switching to a MAC. But, I could not deny how much better a MAC computer is in the long run over a PC and am sure that I am a quick enough learner that I will succeed on a MAC and I will love it! I already do and I don't even have it yet!

B. I will be able to blog again. I have really missed you guys.

C. School is in sight for me and I will be taking my classes online. This computer lets me do that.

D. Antenna TV goes buh-bye in a few days and this will be my one and only connection to news, sports, and weather.

See you soon - next time on my new computer!


Daveda said...

Hi there, I found you surfing around and thought I would say hello. I am a PC user, however, if I can talk the man, of my dreams into it, I will be switching. But, not until my current, very reliable HP, dies on me :)

When you get your MAC up and running stop over to Grace Talk and say hello!

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow! Congrats on the new MAC!

jnet said...

welcome to the dark side :)
you'll love it! i know i do!!!!