Thursday, June 18, 2009

My New Dentist

I went to my new dentist today for a basic cleaning and check-up. My new dentist is pretty cute. I think he kinda likes me.

The waiting room was packed when I got there because it was the first appointment slot of the day. Thankfully, no one recognized me in the picture on the wall. One of the real benefits of going to the dentist is that there is cable TV in every room. So, I watched HGTV the entire time.

It was a good visit, but my dentist is making me come back in later this month for some sealants and a few small fillings. Cute as he is, I could find other ways that I prefer to spend time with him. 

I'm looking forward to seeing my dentist again. Boy am I glad I don't have to wait until my next appointment to see him.


Anonymous said...

Oh Heather: I am very happy to hear that you think your dentist is cute! I agree you could probably find other ways to spend you time with him, however at least you get to spend time with him!!!!!

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. =) Good thing my picture is only on like one wall in a conference room. HA!

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

"i'm getting a root canal and it's gonna take, like all day..."

-That Thing You Do