Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Reader

Hello to the blogging world. You can call me Feather. I am very glad you have stopped by.

For the past year 14 months I have been blogging on the random events of our life. Recently, I have been mia and am happy to re-start my blog by providing an introduction to what the feather files are all about.

I am a 25 year old wife of almost three years. I write all of my own posts. After a few weeks of reading other blogs, I knew this was a hobby that I would get hooked on. I communicate better through written words and I have too many thoughts in my head for one person.

Hubs is my best friend and (surprise) my husband of 3 years. He works hard and loves the Lord just as I do. He is more rational than I, and we even each other out in so many ways He will be a vital part of this blog because he is a vital part of my life.

Hubs just graduated from dental school and so we ended one adventure to start a new one, in a new town. We live in the midwest with huge skies, flat prairies and lots of wheat, but at heart I prefer tall trees, rolling hills and cool lakes. 

I can't promise much about what you will find on my blog. It may be funny at times, rarely it will be serious. There will be detailed stories and personal opinions. I can promise you a random selection of topics, pictures, and posts.

Whether you are a family/friend checking to see what is going on in our life or you are a new person just browsing through, I would love to hear from you - from a simple hello to the beginnings of a discussion, please comment!

Welcome to the feather files!

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