Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm in a computer lab.

I'm sitting in a computer lab in the public library. I can't imagine how many germs are on the keyboard and embedded in the cushion of this chair. I am practically holding my breath as I sit here and type. The man two people down from me keeps making loud bodily noises. The woman next to me keeps asking me for help, loudly, so that the rest of the people in the lab turn and stare at us both. But, I just couldn't resist posting and letting you all know that we are officially Kansans.

I still have lots of fun stories to share with you when we get internet at home - including a parking ticket, the caravan, graduation, Hawaii, and our bug situation.

We have new cell phones and a new address. If you need the information, email me. Otherwise, I will hopefully be back to a more regular schedule of blogging next week.


Anonymous said...

Heath - even being there I like reading your way of telling the stories! We miss you . . . Love - Joan

Audrey said...

I've heard the library computer lab is a pretty scary place... I vote aunt kris's computer lab next time ;)

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

hopefully loud clueless woman wasn't looking over your shoulder while you were typing. hahhaaa.

Kansas! YEAH! we need to do a conference call sometime soon here. Do you guys have skype? that would be awesome.

jnet said...

that is so funny - that's your new calling heather! helping people in the public library!!!!

i missed you this morning at panera :)

Sam and Abby McNair said...

miss you heather...can't wait to hear the updates!!! i'm pretty interested in the bug situation... and I do need your new address etc