Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Ransom.

This is Ransom, the newest member of our family. We adopted Ransom last night from the local animal shelter and he is so happy to be home with us.
Last Sunday Hubs and I visited Ransom at the shelter and we were attached, but still a little unsure if we should adopt. We put in our application and waited for the call to say he could come home with us. When we went in to make our final decision, we immediately knew that he was meant for us.

So far, Ransom has been a great dog. He loves bones, treats, and loving; and, he has yet to jump up on us or bark at a stranger. He has a very laid-back personality. We are still trying to get him to play with toys, but he loves to chase the rabbits in our yard. 

Today we took Ransom to meet some of his new friends. He wasn't interested in playing with them or in the water like his friends were. He is a little timid, but probably just overwhelmed. Since he is new to the name ransom, we will have some work in getting him used to his name. 

Ransom also went to the vet today and checked out as a very healthy 1-2 year old Lab mix. He weighed in at 60 pounds and charmed the people working there. We are purposely trying to wear him out today so that he will, hopefully, sleep through the night.

We are so excited about our new pet. He loves us for saving him, and we love him for making our lives a little more fun! I will start posting dog-stories and hopefully I will actually take some pictures with our camera instead of my phone!


Audrey said...

aw he looks sweet

Shanle's said...

wowsers! you actually got your first "baby." this will be good practice for you guys and perhaps not as scary! =) brode would have loved him!!


Melissa Marsh said...

He's beautiful! Congrats!

jnet said...

wow! 60lbs! hope you don't have ever pick him up :)
he is so cute! glad you finally got a dog!!!!

Laura said...

how exciting!! you have a friend to keep you company at home now. i hope you love having a dog as much as you were hoping too. :)