Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Milkshake - DENIED

There's a place in town that is locally known for their shakes. I hear they have great hamburgers too, but my eyes are only tuned into the board with over 100 flavors of shakes when I am there. 

I constantly find many reasons to celebrate anything and everything with a Bogey's shake. We've lived here 17 days? We better go get a shake. The lawn is mowed? That deserves a Bogeys. We got the Internet? Let's celebrate with a shake!

Naturally, I knew that the Hubs first day at the office should be celebrated with a shake. So, all day I anticipated it. I stayed away from the snacks in the cupboard, even after I knew Hubs would be home late, filling in for a golf league. I even ate a smaller portion at dinner, saving plenty of room for my raspberry chocolate chip shake. Or, would I get a blueberry chocolate chip this time. All this was on my mind when the sirens sounded.

At that time I was loudly reminded that we live in Kansas and that it is storm season. Wasn't it bright and sunny this afternoon? We went to inspect the weather for ourselves, of course. It looked dark, with a yellowish hue. The wind was picking up each moment.

You probably would expect people to seek the comfort of the basement, right? If we had one, we might have. Instead, we hopped in the truck that does not actually fit in the garage and headed over to Hubs's office where there is both protection for the truck under a carport, protection for us in a basement, and lots of TVs, with cable. It's so fun to drive around while everyone on the radio screams that the last place to be is on the road in your car. 

We made it and watch lots of debris fly around outside. We got comfortable and watched the weather channels until it was safe to go home. Now, we can just drive by Bogeys on our way home, I thought, and got excited again.

Due to some power outages and trees down, we took the long way. There were clean-up crews out trying to make street maneuverable.  Then, I realized the sad truth. Bogeys was without power; actually the whole block was without power and they weren't even letting people through.

No shake to celebrate Hubs' first day as Dr. Hubs. Instead, I went home and ate a bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. 


Melissa Marsh said...

Aww, man! And after you were so good all day, too!

jnet said...

another memory to mark a first....we would love to hear how richard's first day went in the office....

Laura said...

oh heather - you make me laugh!! :) i hope you get a shake soon. i love that everyday is a reason for a shake. i keep trying this tactic on justin with mixed results. :)

Audrey said...

ugh my parents were STILL without power this afternoon... and bummer about that milkshake.