Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's really going on

I've been covering the fun and periphery details of our current life. Maybe some of you wonder what is actually going on.

Hubs has begun the next chapter. He leaves at 7:30am and returns around 5:30pm. It's nice that we live so close. I can't imagine having found a place further in the suburbs. It seems to be going well; adjusting smoothly.

I have been at home all that time that he is away. Ten hours alone. I workout, clean, apply for jobs, work, read, do nothing, and more of the same. The job search has been tedious. Lots of resume's and applications, not so much response. A hopeful prospect crumbled last week. So it was back to ground zero. Sometimes I do fine. I keep myself busy and try to be one of those amazing women who can prep for meals, organize, and find tons of things around the house to occupy themselves with or come up with projects to do. [Turns out, I am NOT one of those great women. Bummer.] Sometimes, though, I get lonely, wishing I could go to coffee with a friend. Last week was hard at times. There are still moments when the loneliness washes over me, but it is getting better.

The city is awesome. I really love it here. [If only our friends could move here, life would be perfect.] I feel like there is lots to see and do - and being the adventurous sort - it fits me just fine. The parks are amazing, the stores plentiful, and the convenience is, well, convenient. The only bummer has been that I can't even enjoy most of the shopping. We've got amazing stores here. I mean, I've never lived within 15 minutes of an Anthropologie! Now that I do, I can't even go because I have no money to spend there. Instead I've been trying to figure out which grocery store I like best.

The house is wonderful. I really love it and am so happy with how it is turning out. I dream about adding furniture and artwork. A sectional for the basement, a few prints for the kitchen, all sorts of things for the mantle. But of course, I keep myself away from those stores, too. The house also has a few problems. Ones that mount into a story too confusing to share. We are getting them worked out, slowly. And no matter how it all ends, it will be great when it does just that. End.

We are still searching for a church to make our home. It's hard. The city is so big that a great church might be located an hour away. To find something close, may mean not as great. We continue to search for wisdom in this. We yearn for a church body so we can get involved and meet people. We have met a few, but because of the summer, Bible studies are on breaks and we haven't been able to get involved. We can still use prayer in this area.

But, this week has been better. Its been busier. I had interviews and call backs. And guess what?


God is so good and I am so excited! I get one more week to enjoy this extended vacation, and then I get to really start having a life again. Conversations with people. Getting out of the house. I'll miss having all this free time, I'm sure, but I've had so much time to prepare and be ready to work again.

So what is really going on is adjustments. Adjustments to a new environment, a new lifestyle, a new everything. If you've prayed for us, thank you. It means so much and will continue to as we keep adjusting.


ARC said...

I hope you are niceer to your new coworkers then you were to Haberfeld people.

ARC said...

Lol, joking

Brenda said...

Hi Heather, So glad to hear about the new job...I know it's a real answer to prayer. What will you be doing? I often wonder how Ransom is doing with the "fence".

Monique Bergmeier said...

Great News about the job! And I still have moments when I desperately my friends...but they are getting fewer and farther apart - God is good! Enjoy your new job!

Shanle's said...

Did I miss where you'd be working at? Congrats! Glad to hear you are making the best of your new phase of life!!!