Monday, June 20, 2011

St. Louis Sight: Ted Drewes

Each weekend, Hubs and I are going to try to do something new in the city.  Now that I have a handy dandy smart phone, I will never forget to take pictures and blog about our activity!

This weekend, we went to Ted Drewes.

Ted Drewes is a local frozen custard place. Everyone asks us if we have been to Ted Drewes yet; it is a big deal around here. It is on the old "Route 66" road, and we happen to live less than a mile away. So, Hubs, Ransom and I walked to this local marvel for a frozen treat.

It's located on a pretty major street, but it's like they all know to slow down when they get to Ted Drewes. Lots of people honk as they drive by and people are crossing the streets very leisurely. To which the cars just slow down - even coming to a stop - to let people cross. At one point, the fire truck stopped by and let kids get up in the truck while they enjoyed some frozen custard. Although it gets so busy and jam-packed with people, you don't wait long.

Ransom was quite the hit. It's his stinkin' cute face that attracts everyone. He really wanted some custard. When we got to the order window, he jumped right up and scared the poor girl taking our order.

As for the actual frozen custard, it was pretty good. You can order as a concrete [toppings mixed together with custard] or as a sundae [toppings on top]. Hubs got a chocolate malt, while I tried one of their specialties: Fox Treat [vanilla custard, raspberries, chocolate, and macadamia nuts]. It was really good and perfect after a hot day in the sun.

I'm so glad we live so close. It will be a great reason to take a walk!


joan said...

So did Ransom get any??? He is so cute. . . .

Tressa said...

mmmm the fox trot sounds yummy