Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coral is "in," right?

When we first saw the house, the bathroom was the biggest eyesore. Not only was it small and the only bathroom in the house, but it was outdated. Whether you call it coral, peach or salmon...the tile color was not exciting to us.

Nor was the black and teal strip around the room and the off-white [dirty-looking] walls. However, the tile is in great condition and we just weren't interested on spending money to update the bathroom.  So, we planned to leave it as it was. The former owners obviously thought they would make the bathroom soooo busy that you wouldn't notice the tile. I thought I would get a black shower curtain to distract from the tile and it might look decent.

(I apologize for the bad before pictures. In my haste on move in day, I snapped one picture of each room and didn't care what they looked like. Now I realize they are dark and dingy and can't do a think about it.)

As I have now learned, though, when one buys a house they tend to do more to it than originally planned in order to make it their own. Since painting was happening in most of the upstairs, we decided to also give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint. Simple. So we thought.

We had many difficulties in this bathroom. The walls are plaster - therefore uneven. A semi-gloss coat of paint only accentuated that fact. Plus we didn't clean the walls and tile before painting, so the paint just peeled off.

So, we scrubbed and repainted with texture (matching the rest of the house). I was worried that the gray we chose would make the room look too dark. But we added a white shower curtain and two light gray rugs to finish it off. I would like to find some prints for the wall with the coral color to pull in the tile and finish it off.

I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. While not the most modern of bathrooms, the coral seems to stand out less.

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joan said...

Did you put a curtain on the window? I think the bathroom looks FANTASTIC. : )