Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moving, Part 1 // "Leaving"

Our move started like most I think. Stressful. And as organized as you try to be, you feel completely unorganized on that day. Because more than likely that one thing you really need is in a box somewhere. That one box you didn't label.

In a U-Haul error, we ended up driving 1 hour to pick up our truck, instead of just 5 minutes down the road. And to make things more fun, we were to pick the U-Haul up by 7 am. So, our morning began at a very early 5:00.

I hoped that we would not fill the entire 26 feet of space, but as we packed on, I realized we would. Thankfully, friends from church took time out of their Saturday to help us. Some even stopped by Starbucks and brought me a much-needed frozen caffeine fix. That earns extra points in my book.

Some helped pack. Some helped clean. And one lovely person watched the dog, who was starting to get a little nervous about what was going on.

Have I said "THANK YOU" enough to you all?

It all ended much quicker than expected. And it didn't sink in that we were leaving this people and not coming back in a few weeks.

How many babies do you need at a "packing-up the U-Haul party?" About 3. 

We had to leave though. And for the next 3 hours I fought sleep while this was my view:

Don't worry. The story gets more exciting from here...

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