Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving, Part 3 // "We are here"

It took a few days for it to sink in that this isn't just some vacation. We are here for good. And it is good. There are so many things I already enjoy about St. Louis.

 - Our neighborhood is great. All the houses are similar to ours and it is so quiet and calm. Considering we are a block from a very major road, its pretty impressive that we feel secluded.

 - Our neighbors are friendly. Never before have I had so many people come up and talk to us as we just move in. It is fun to have friendly people nearby.

 - Our location. I feel like we are in really good location - 3 houses down from St. Louis city limits. Close to the "Central West End" [just learned that this means the area where Richard will go to school], close to anything we could ever need, close to a running trail, and yet in a quiet area that feels far away from the city.

 - Since moving to Kansas in 1995 I have dreamed of living where there were trees. Here, there are trees and hills galore. I understood that more after my first run. The roads wind and curve through valleys and trees block your line of sight. Although this makes understanding the road layout a little tougher, it is lovely.

 - There is so much. It's hard to even know where to go shopping. So many different stores, from cute boutiques to large box chains. I've learned my way to a great shopping area already, complete with Trader Joe's, World Market... you get the point. I just need a job!

 - There is so much to do. Trails, parks, free movies in the park, museums, theme parks, and more. My idea is to pick a new thing each weekend for us to do as a date and blog about it.

 - The arch. It's crazy, but its fun to see the massive structure while driving.

I'm really just thankful. God has provided everything we need during this move and I forgot that amid all the stress. He provided people to help us move, money to get all that we needed, job interviews, and even a good church on Sunday.


Monique Bergmeier said...

Yeah - the moving part is over! It is so stressful, I know how relieved you must be to start getting settled in your new home. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new location! Praying you will be able to find a great church and friends soon! We miss you guys so much. Hope to see you this summer!

Shanle's said...

congrats on getting there safely. i'm so glad to hear about all the potential... i can't wait to see pics of your new house once you have it decorated!:)

love, sarah