Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Mopey

This is me and Mopey.

At least that is what I affectionately called him during the first two days in our new home. He fell into a "depression" especially if Richard and I left the house. But even when we were around, he moped around barely responding to anything except his meals.

Whether it is truly him reacting to the changes in our life or perhaps just feeling lousy after eating an entire box of treats [oh yes, I found him eating the rest of them later], it was definitely a different Ransom for a few days.

Now that he has the life back in him, he has changed his behavior a little towards people that approach our house. Neighbors, internet people, everyone really. He bounds towards the door with his most ferocious bark, hackles raised. Then, he won't shut up. We have found that leashing him will help, but we will definitely be retraining this craziness when things slow down.

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