Monday, June 27, 2011

Straight out of the 70s

Oddly enough, the kitchen has become one of my favorite rooms in our house. I will likely say that about all the rooms in our house. But, the kitchen color, the windows, the [future] decor...I love it all.

The reason it is odd that I love the kitchen is because I thought it would be the thorn in my flesh while we lived here. Just take a look at these spec pictures and you'll see why.

Check out that counter space...all 3 feet of it.

It isn't the most conveniently arranged, nor the largest kitchen I've been fortunate enough to have. But, it's amazing what some new appliances and paint will do!

But, I'm not going to show you the end result yet. Mainly because it isn't quite finished. Close.

You see, on Saturday we said good-bye to this beloved piece:

Before living here, I had never even heard of a "drop-in" range. But, they still do sell them [by "they," I mean only THREE companies]. Actually, there was only ONE model that would fit in the space, making the decision process easy. We only had to decide between black or white. And as it's name suggests, you just drop-it-in.

Check out these push-buttons.

HI - 2 - 3 - LO - WM - OFF: What more do you need?

Don't let its small size fool you though, this over puts out major heat and cooks quicker than anything I've ever used. It was actually quite fun to use. But its gone now and soon a much snazzier and more updated range will take its place.

Meanwhile, we've gotten to see the original floor laminate and cabinet color. It's a shame they covered that stuff up...

And until the new one is installed, we are grilling our way through Weber's Real Grilling cookbook.

And yes, the vintage hood is staying.

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Oooh, I cant wait to see the pics! Mrs Y