Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving, Part 2 // Cicadas & me

Day 1 was exhausting.
Day 2 was worse.

It started out nice. A relaxed morning. Then we noticed a brand new, large, dog treat box was missing about 1/2 of its treats. And then we smelled it. Ransom had dug his face into his treats and now it was affecting his digestive system. In a way that we all got to share.

So, we went on a long walk [in hopes of movement generating...well, you know]. It helped, but didn't fix the problem. Lucky me. He was assigned to my vehicle.

Same view. Different day.

About halfway along the drive, I noticed a sound. It was a high-pitched squealing sound that continued to follow me as we drove. It was loud even over my radio station. So, after about 15 minutes, I made the call to those ahead of me to stop at the next exit.

We stopped. I turned the truck off and the noise was still there! So, I told Hubs it must be the U-Haul. He turned the U-Haul off and the noise was still there!

And then I knew I had goofed. Big time. The noise was the cicadas. To my defense:: it had crossed my mind that it was cicadas, but it was so constant and so loud. To my defense again:: Kansas didn't have as many trees, and therefore not nearly the cicada invasion that Missouri does therefore I was not used to the volume of cicadas in heavily treed areas.

I provided much laughter for the group and we were on our way again. We arrived to our new home and immediately I had a headache. The heat. The emotion. And the decisions were all starting to get heavy.  But, we [both sets of parents and us] began unloading.

From there it went downhill. It was way past my usual bed time. The enthusiasm to continue to work was too much. The questions and decision regarding the next day's tasks and paint colors and more were pressure that I was not withstanding. Then I did something stupid.

And the flood gates opened. Moving is stressful. It is overwhelming and tiring. And you don't even realize it until the moment you break. I feel like I am a pretty calm, collected, easy-going gal but I broke down and cried myself to sleep.

When a person tells me they are moving, especially a long distance. I will no longer just smile and offer help. I will pray. Daily. And I will offer support. Often.


Laura said...

i hope you're feeling better and more encouraged. you are so steady, i can imagine it was one long overwhelming day for you to break down like that! praying that God will give you strength and energy for all these new steps.

Shanle's said...

oh my goodness! when we lived in chicago, we had SO MANY cicadas... like i'm talking almost plague like. GROSS. i hated them, heather!!! btw: we can completely relate. i feel for you but am so glad it's over. try to relax now! :0


Audrey said...

oh no fun!!! I hope things are going better, i suppose I should just keep reading.