Saturday, June 18, 2011

Outside lovlies

I have had some requests for pictures of our paint results inside our home, however, they would only be progress pictures. Nothing is on the wall and the rooms just aren't final yet. When they are closer to the final stage, I will definitely post pictures. Let's just say we are much farther than we were last week at this time.

We have done little to the back yard but it is another one of my "favorites" in regards to our home. We often talk of how richly God has blessed us. In this large city of many different areas, we love ours. It is convenient to everything, friendly, quiet, and safe.

But, back to the backyard:

Isn't it lovely? It will be so fun to sit on our patio and have dinner with this as our view. There are some fun flowers that were left in the landscaping, too.

An orange one:

A purple one:

A blue one:

And a pink one:

Obviously I am a novice when it comes to flowering plants and their names, but I can see how gardening can be so fun! We also have a little area where a garden was once planted. I currently have two tomato plants growing there - one that is mine and the other that was here!

I picture a great vegetable garden next year...


Audrey said...

oooo nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daylily, Salvia? I would need to see the leaves to be sure, Delphinium, and Rose. I love gardening! You can totally ask me any plants and I will do my best to identify them for you.
Mrs Y.