Sunday, October 31, 2010

Old Age

I drove off with the drive-thru tube at the bank yesterday. I didn't notice until I was inside Starbucks and set it on the table.

For my birthday, Hubs fixed the kitchen faucet. It no longer screams while the water is running, plus water doesn't splatter all over my cloths. It's the best gift.

These two small things may or may not be a sign of my age. But, today I turn 27 and actually, I feel 27. Even better, I am happy to be 27. For a while I struggled living in the present. I would sit and wish I was younger and less "tied down." I would mourn those days of fun, freedom, spontaneity, and ease. Other days I would sit and dream about the future, planning it in my head and wishing that I was already there - a  house, kids, stability.

But living in the here-and-now is so freeing. As we make plans for the future, I leave them to be experience in the future. Instead, I concentrate on what I is going on now, in real life. I concentrate on loving my family and friends, serving others, and growing. And as I look back into the past, I enjoy the memories, but I leave them there and don't think of what could have been.

I think that is why 27 is so exciting. I don't know everything that is going to happen this year, but I do know there will be changes. But that isn't the focus. The focus is this: how am I going to serve God with my life today?


Shanle's said...

I hope you got my happy birthday message!! Hope you had a great day! That's HILARIOUS that you drove off with the bank's tube!!!


jnet said...

good reminder to us all!!! thanks again for sharing your thoughts.