Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why I didn't get the jeans

There was a big sale at Banana Republic yesterday. A pair of very cute skinny jeans that were marked down from $89.50 to $49.50. Then, they were an additional 30% off - making them only $34.65 - which is a G-R-E-A-T deal. I debated all day as they sat in my shopping cart waiting for me to push "Complete Order."

But, I didn't do it. And here is why:

1.  I did not NEED the skinny jeans. I already have a pair that I LOVE, and even though I was sure to love these, sigh, I knew that I should use money on something I really need - like slouchy suede boots or cute sweaters.

2.  I need to learn to not spend money just because it is a G-R-E-A-T deal.

3.  My birthday is right around the corner (25 days) and I am hoping to shop-til-I-drop in Kansas City!

4.  I am trying to be extra budget-conscious for the next few months as we save up for our GIANT vacation.

Where are we going? Let me give you a few hints...

It's ancient.
It's fought over.
It's smaller than New Jersey (in square miles).
And here is some of what we will see:

The Mediterranean Sea

 Old walls

Desert and maybe some camels


Yes. We are going to Israel!

I could only be more excited if I was pregnant (haha). Really, we are thrilled for this opportunity. It is a study trip, so we will be taking in more than our little brains can handle from Dr. Doug Bookman of Shepherd's Theological Seminary. He is awesome, by the way.

I can't wait to be in a place where so much history has taken place and so much more will take place. We will see all of Israel and we will learn so much about God in the process.


Courtney Gill said...

Okayyyy... I just glanced at the subject and thought "what, don't tell me she's second-guessing the choice?!" Glad to see that's not it at all. :) See ya tomorrow!

joan said...

Hopefully you will be able to keep your blog up as you and Richard walk the same roads Jesus did! AWESOME.

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh wow!!! What a wonderful vacation!!! Take lots and lots of pics!

jnet said...

when are you going? did i miss that?

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

That is so awesome Heather! What an opportunity! When do you go?

Shanle's said...

oh, i think it'd be so much more "real" to be where Jesus was, where he preaches, where he walked... how exciting! yes, tell us when you leave!