Friday, October 22, 2010

A Ferry Ride

Hubs and I had an afternoon together in Seattle and needed something fun to do. We thought we would drive to Olympic National Park (and right through Forks for all you Twilight readers). As we were driving I noticed something odd. We were getting closer and closer to water, yet Gigi (our Garmin) did not show a bridge coming up. Sure enough, soon we hear Gigi say, "Board ferry."

Well, after talking with the ferry attendant we learned that Olympic National Park was a little too far away, but she suggested we take the ferry ride anyway. It was cheap if you were just passengers and that week they had been seeing orcas in the water.

Um, if there is a chance to see an orca, you better believe we went on the ferry! I'm glad we did, too.

The ferry was HUGE and I couldn't believe the number of cars on this boat. It makes sense considering this was the only way people could get to these towns, but still. There were lines and lines of cars on either side. We boarded the ferry and took in the beautiful views.

The town on the other side was Kingston. We had lunch and walked around taking in the quaint village. Although not our original plan, it was perfect.

This was the bus stop in Kingston. We chuckled over the seating that someone had provided while you wait.

The ride back was just as fun. We didn't see any orcas, just this bird and a very cute dog that had the same curly tail like Ransom.

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Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Love seeing where you two close to where we were just a couple months ago. Wish you could have made it to Olympic though... :)

enjoy the rest of your trip!