Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Low Key

I hung out with my parents and extended family this weekend for my birthday. A first in the past six years. It was very low key. I went to church, read, did some shopping, drank some coffee, and just vegged. And I'm not complaining since the past month has been such a whirlwind. It was nice to take it easy.

I did get to have a couple of birthday meals, though. Hubs loves to ask our waiter or waitress how old they think I am. At our first meal, our waiter thought I was 18. Not surprising.

Our second waitress thought about it for a while. She guessed 20, which I think she thought was older than I was. Then she brings out all the employees. I can handle being sung to, but that was not the case. She also brought out a wooden contraption with a saddle on it. Then invited me to sit on it, wave a napkin over my head and yell, "Yee-haw!"

The options were to be a poor sport/kill joy and decline the offer to sit on the pretend horse, thus embarrassing myself and the waitress further than what was needed. Or, do just have some fun and get out on the fake horse.

Here's what I did (fuzzy because taken on cell phones)...

What's a birthday without a little excitement?


jnet said...

texas roadhouse? i think we'll avoid that on a birthday!!! looks like you had fun, and were a good sport!

Audrey said...

yeah I was going to ask if it was the roadhouse...man you are nice,I would've been like, get that thing out of here, I hate people looking at me lol

Lindsay said...

Yeah, my lovely parents and hubby made me do that for my last birthday, too................and I was PREGGO with Addie! Talk about embarrassing. I sat side-saddle. Ugh. NEVER going to eat with them again.