Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My plans

When Starbucks came out with Pike's Place coffee, I thought it was an odd name for a coffee. First, I (naturally) thought it was named after Pike's Peak, although somehow I figured I was probably wrong. Then, I really didn't care what it was named after and it hadn't entered my mind again.

Until...I found out we were going to Seattle. Then, I knew I would need to visit the first Starbucks, which happens to be at Pike's Place Market. As a lover of browsing around cool local markets and shops, this intrigued me. Little did I know that it is 9-acres of shops - from food to spices to gifts to clothes to restaurants.

I think you now know my plans. Since I will have an entire day to entertain myself, I am planning to spend a lot of it at Pike's Place. I am kind of excited to walk and browse, sip coffee, and even have lunch.

And if I still have time after that, I found out our hotel is right across the street from University Village, which has lots of fun stores like Madewell, North Face, get the point. Stores we don't have around here.

This is gonna be fun!


Steph said...

Sounds awesome, have fun!

Shanle's said...

sounds fun!! i wish i could go on vacation soon!!

jnet said...

can't wait to hear your shopping experiences.