Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thinking back

Weddings are in the air. Really, I only can think of 1 person I know getting married...my little brother. Although it has taken me months to really get used to that fact, I am now very aware and excited that my little bro -sniff- is getting married in 2 months.

Today I found the cd of our wedding ceremony. Of course, I popped it into the car cd player and listened. It is funny some of the details you forget and some of the fun things you remember. For instance:

  • How much I love the song that was playing while I walked down the aisle. Claire de Lune with Jesus Loves Me. So simple and beautiful.
  • How much my face hurt from smiling so hard.
  • How significant and special it was to have both my grandfather and my uncle do the ceremony. The words they shared and the love they displayed. Not everybody gets that.
  • How over-used the word "privilege" was during the ceremony. Seriously, like 20 times...at least.
  • How proud I was of my dad, who not only gave away his only daughter; who not only sang the song he sang for my mom at their wedding; but sang 2 special songs during the ceremony.
  • How during my grandpa's prayer very loud drum music started playing.
  • How, while my maid-of-honor was fixing my train, Hubs's best man straightened the back of his tux jacket.
  • How very, very uncomfortable I was during the entire ceremony because of my shoes.
  • How, though our wedding was not without flaws and mistakes, it was completely unique to us. 
  • How starving I was. So starving that I actually ate wedding cake!!
  • How quick that one day passed by and gave way to a brand new life. A life I cannot imagine not living anymore.
(By the way, if you haven't read about some of the more prominent, crazy, not expected event of the day read my post here. It may give you a nice laugh. By the way, after reading that post I realize I still owe you a few more stories...)

It was a fun trip down memory lane. But even more, listening to the charge given to us and the vows we pledged was a great refresher to me.

When was the last time you listened to or watched your wedding ceremony?


Richard said...

wow. i don't remember much of our ceremony, but listening to your version makes it sound like it must have been really memorable.

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

For our wedding, we chose music that was already a part of our lives. We walked down the aisle to a song by a band we'd seen live...we had a really memorable evening at their concert. (Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky.) Just stuff we already loved and enjoyed. We already listened to it all the time, but now it's ten times as special.

We actually have yet to view the wedding video! It's just the one from the church camera...nothing too fancy. Maybe we'll wait til our first anniversary, haha!

I just hope I don't forget things over time...