Monday, March 22, 2010


Note: When "updates" is a title for my post, you will be receiving random, unimportant information.

Last week was busy. Busy doesn't even describe it - hectic would be better. But, we made it through and we are back to sunny skies and another full week. I told myself earlier this week that, "once life slows down, I am going to get myself on a steady routine of cleaning, working out, etc." I finally realized yesterday that if I wait for life to slow down, I will be 75. Thus, I just have to be productive when I can and  not sit and fret about the things that must wait for tomorrow...or next week.

Last week, we made some improvements to our home. Small, but they were three things I had wanted to make our home more welcoming to our friends and visitors.

First, the addition of another couch. My parents were guests this weekend at our home and brought one of their old couches for our living room. Every Tuesday night when our friends come over to watch Biggest Loser, they have to sit on folding chairs. Not anymore! We were worried it would make the room look crowded, but it just seems homey to me.

Next, a rug for the guest bathroom. Seems silly, but I always felt bad that our guests had nothing cushy to stand on after their shower. Hubs picked this out, and it is definitely the cushiest rug I have stood on.

And finally, our old TV in the guest room now has channels! Those staying at our home can watch TV from bed and relax in their room. I guess what we need now is GUESTS!!! 

Last week, I was so excited to see crocuses and hyacinth pop up in our mulched area. Since this is our first spring at this home, we are not sure what kind of perennials may be planted there. 

Hubs was surprised to see the flowers. Last year, we put down a fabric underneath the mulch. If I would have been aware that this was to keep anything and everything from popping up through the mulch, I would have probably protested. I hate to think that there may be some beautiful tulips and daffodils trying to pop through the fabric and can't. So, I turned in some old vases for credit at our grocery store and bough the tulips in the picture above.

I guess that is enough for the random updates. I have lots of things to share, but I will formulate coherent, topic-oriented posts later.


Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Wait...turning in vases for credit? What does this mean? I am very interested.

jnet said...

me too...please explain, is that only done in kansas?