Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Pole o' Gum, and other oddities

We've all heard it...stories about those crazy Californians. While we were there, we saw a few things that may only be seen in Cali.

We came across the Pole o' Gum the first day. Hundreds of pieces of gum stuck to this pole from the bottom up. Extreme grossness. But, better than stepping in it on the sidewalk I suppose.

Do you see anything odd about the insurance offered at this place? The entire stay we tried to figure out what Mexico Insurance is. We saw it offered at a few different places. Hmmm.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a very large number of people with dogs. They actually have not only a large dog park, but a beach dedicated to dogs. The boardwalk is constantly full of dog-walkers. It is a very pet-friendly area.

But wait. Is that a...a pig?

Why yes, yes it is. Come to find out this pig wasn't lost, but his owner was around. The pig attracted lots of attention and tried to mooch food off of everyone. He was just enjoying the beach as much as everyone else.

Here the pig meets with another type of Cali's popular citizens...transients. EVERYWHERE we went, we saw people who obviously have no home and prefer to live that way. The bus. The trolley. The sidewalk. The beach. All over. You can usually pick them out by the lack of personal hygiene and the bags upon bags of their stuff they carry around. An odd way to live, but to each their own.


Anonymous said...

Good thing it doesn't freeze there because you wont be tempted to stick your tongue to that frozen pole! Mrs Young

Laura said...

on mission trips, we've always had to get special insurance to go into mexico with your vehicle. it's different protection that regular car or rental insurance.