Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Outfit?

Do you get a new Easter outfit every year?

As a kid, I remember always going shopping for a new "Easter dress." As I got older, I continued the tradition mainly for an excuse to buy something new and springy. But this year, I have not even thought of getting anything new nor have I had time to think about getting something new.

Yesterday I wore dark colors to church - black top, dark denim skirt, black tights, and black boots. Can we say winter? I think I definitely need something happy and bright for next week, but should I but something new or just pull out something from previous years.

A new outfit for Easter seems to be a way to great springtime. It gets us, or maybe just me, started for the next season and finally put away those dark winter clothes. For some reason, spring just doesn't start until Easter happens, and I seem to want to kick it off with something new.

Really, I don't want an entire outfit. My mother-in-law just brought me this very bright top that I think will match an old skirt. Or I have a great skirt that just needs a top to go with. But really what I want are new shoes. Some wedges or flippies. Even just a nice pair or sandals...or one of each. And it just so happens that a new month begins this week...which means a brand new, unspent budget.

So, are you getting something new this year? Or are you revamping an old outfit? Or are you just getting a fantastic pair of new shoes to kickoff spring?


Laura said...

i wish i were getting a new outfit. but i'm enjoying dressing olivia this year! grandma bought her a cute dress and i'm hoping to find time to make a matching headband before sunday. little dresses are so cute! but i think anything that small is cute! :)

joan said...

Cannot remember the last I had an Easter outfit! A very very LOOOONG time ago. : )