Thursday, March 25, 2010

City at Sea

Hubs and I toured the USS Midway while in San Diego. We got rained off the flight deck, but we really enjoyed walking through the inside of the ship - where the soldiers lived day to day.

The ship was GIANT. We put on headphones and walked around. When we reached a site of interest, we punched in the number and learned about what we were seeing. 

It's pretty tight down in the living area. I had no problems walking through the doors, but anyone tall would hit their head easily. They actually mentioned that they had people in the medical ward daily due to soldiers hitting their heads!

The area that kind of made me wary was when we went down to another level by going through a hole in the floor. A hole that could be sealed shut - yikes. But, it is truly a miniature city on the ship, complete with barber shop, laundromat, and movie theaters.

As we were finishing the tour, Hubs spotted a sign that said "Dental" with an arrow pointing down (one of those holes in the floor again). It was roped off, but I suggested that we go see it anyway. To my disbelief, Hubs looks around and says, "Okay, lets go. Hurry!"

Haha, Hubs and I went and explored the dental ward. Since the ship was decommissioned in 1992, the equipment wasn't completely dated. That was probably the most fun...simply because we weren't supposed to be there!

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Richard said...

if we went back i'd try harder to talk you into doing the flight simulator.