Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where is it?

This past week has been ridiculous. Thing after thing; situation after situation. I have forgotten things; I have been frustrated. It has been a week.


Wednesday afternoon my mom called while I was getting ready to leave work. So, I answered it as I shut down my computer and cleaned my desk. It was raining outside, and it was cold. I walked outside with my arms full of stuff and realized I had forgotten my phone. So, I put all my stuff down on the cement, underneath the portico so that it would stay dry. I walk back inside, deep in conversation, and start searching for my phone. My search becomes more frantic as I realize it is not on my desk. I open drawers and look on the floor.

Finally, I give up. I tell my mom (loudly because I am frustrated), "I can't find my phone! It's so frustrating when I do this."

Then I realize my blunder and I say (loudly, again), "OH, I'm talking on it!"

Laughter bursts from the rest of the office and I quickly skedaddled out of there before I hear any teasing.


That's the kind of week it has been for me.


Audrey said...

funny!!! I hate when that stuff happens :)

Audrey said...

ooo and I'm reading trusting god, too ever so slowly, I love it!!! I have been meaning to write a few fav parts on the blog, we'll see if THAT happens...

jnet said...

love it heather! and you are only 26!!!! i have done the same thing...getting ready to walk out the door talking with lynsey, realize i can't forget my phone, looking all over for it....we're twins of a different mother!