Saturday, September 26, 2009

Itchin' to go

It has been 4 whole months since we have flown somewhere and I am itchin' to travel. The urge is only intensified by the free tickets that must be used by March.

The dilema: where should we go? We had originally thought about going to upstate New York to stay in my grandparents old home, which is now a Bed & Breakfast. We thought about going during the first weeks of October to see the beautiful fall colors and even visit Niagara Falls.

October is next week, so I think that plan is out.

So, the best time to go is sometime between January and March. But where, oh where?

By default of the winter season, I am leaning towards traveling somewhere warm. Where I can tan this pale skin. We can freeze our tooshies off here; why would we pay to do it somewhere else?

So, think warm and tell me where you would go if you had free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the continental United States.

If you need help getting into the warm-mode, here's some help:

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Anonymous said...

wow not one comment on this?? I say go to mertle beach that is supposed to be really great place to go and richard could golf and you can shop!- Ruth