Monday, March 23, 2009

Traveling Suprises

You know when you get to that point on vacation when you are ready to be home. You're sick of eating out. You're tired of the being in the airport. You are anticipating unpacking and being comfortable in your home.

That's how we were yesterday afternoon at the Chicago airport. We had just seen one of Richard's professors stranded at the airport. He had been at the same convention and was having traveling woes. It looked like he was stuck in Chicago until the next morning.

Thankful that it wasn't us, we went to board the plane. When they scanned our boarding passes, it made an awful beeping noise. Not good. The plane to Nebraska had been switched to a smaller plane for reasons unknown to us. I choose to believe that the plan would have crashed unless switched. Unfortunately, our luggage (which included every personal and clothing item both of us had packed) was already loaded on the plane and would arrive in Nebraska at our originally scheduled time.

So, the next available seats were on a 6am flight the next morning (today). For the inconvenience, were given 2 free round trip tickets to use in the next year, $30 worth of food, and a very large hotel room at a nearby hotel. Pretty sweet. We weren't bummed at all.

The sweetest part, however, is that 2 of our favorite people and our 2 favorite twin boys, took a road trip and spent the evening with us!

We picked up some food at Chili's, came back to our hotel room and hung out. The boys explored and found lots of fun interesting things to play with.

Martha and I both noticed the Starbucks that was a block away and snuck away for a quiet walk. The visit was short, but oh so sweet. I was so excited that this worked out because it had been too long since we had been together. Richard and Ryan got in as much dental chatter as they could and we got to enjoy laughing and enjoying friends. Thanks for making the last minute trip!

We made it home this morning. The trip was a great success - more to come later.


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh boy, do I know how you feel about just wanting to come HOME. I felt that way when I was in London. Of course...the whole food poisoning thing didn't contribute to my homesickness AT ALL. ;-)

Glad you made it home safe!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the derailment was definitely worth it! The boys are darling and are so big!

Love- Joan

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

that was the highlight of my weekend!! thanks for callin!

Richard said...

Yeah, the best part about it was that Dr. Thomas and I got to talk teeth...3 days of teeth before just weren't enough :) Thanks R&M for guys are awesome!

Shanle's said...

I noticed Richard holding a baby... He's softing up!! =)

jnet said...

silver lining behind every cloud :) it was so great that you had to stay overnight where there were friends to visit - that made focus of wanting to be home not so bad. ....and free tickets to boot! now where are you going on vacation?