Friday, September 25, 2009

Old vs. New

My new grocery store does not have a Caribou Coffee inside. It doesn't even have cup holders for the grocery carts for that matter.

Oh, how I miss Caribou and their happy hour specials.

But what my new grocery store does have is a plus card. Really, the plus card isn't cool on its own. The part I love is that I can load coupons onto the plus card off the internet! Why is this so cool? Because, it is very likely that I might have a printed coupon and a coupon on the card, which means I get double savings!

For instance, I bought a package of Yoplait Plus Light yogurt (4 pack). I had a $1-off coupon from the paper and I had loaded a $1-off coupon to my plus card. The yogurt, originally $2.89, costed me $.89.

Yesterday, I bought some Cheerios on sale for $1.79. I had completely forgotten about a coupon loaded on my plus card for $.75-off. I got a box of Cheerios for $1.04. I was floating on a cloud the rest of the day.

Another perk of the plus card is for every $100 I spend, I get $.10-off per gallon of gas at the Kwik Shop. So far, we get this savings everytime we fill up.

So, my new grocery store may not have Caribou; or as many samples; or my friendly Hy-Vee man; or cup holders; or be right across the street, but maybe the plus card can make up for some of that.


Audrey said...

man wish I had that option, I just print my coupons!! that would save paper and ink!!

Lindsay said...

okay - dumb question...since you obviously are a coupon expert now :-) Can you use two manufacturer coupons on the same thing, or just one manufacturer and one store coupon?

We just went tonight and saved almost $30! It's a great feeling! (nerd alert)