Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words from Ransom

I love riding in the truck. Wind in my ears, slober flying everywhere. This is the life. We should come here every weekend.

Man, I thought she would understand when I didn't jump in that I don't want to be in the river. Now she's dragging me in. I hope a fish bites her.

Yeah, that other dog Jazz is crazy. This water is gross, can we get out yet?

Ha! It's shallow over here. But what is that slimy stuff under my paws!?

Can I get out yet?

How come she gets to get out, but I am forced to stay in?

Yeah I don't feel bad that she had a river worm thing in her shoe. Serves her right. That'll keep her from ever dragging me in again!


Shanle's said...

how was camping??

joan said...

What is a river worm thing! I am so impressed with Ransom's ability to speak! : )